Albarracin, Pictures Day 3

I’m happy to present you some pictures of this lovely third day of bouldering in Albarracin. We got so many good pictures of this day, the light’s been perfect, but I can only present a selection. We spent this day at Arrastero (wrong spelling I know, but to lazy to look it  up now, check the big post on Albarracin) and we all did the probably hardest problem of the trip (except the Ambassador, who did his first 8a the next day). You should have a look at Nizza’s blog (see link to your left), some more pictures and footage to see there.

Anyway, I hope you like those pictures. Let me know by commenting on the post!

first session on the wall

Yesterday I had my first session on the wall since these great days in Albarracin. I felt pretty good, even though I trained on the Beastmaker the day before. I used Whey Protein for the first time after the Beastmaker session, and it really seems to have a great effect on my recovery. I will continue with that, but I need to keep an eye on my weight. I’ve outlined a rough regime for the next 4 weeks as well, it sums up quite quickly: two sessions on the Beastmaker, and two sessions Bouldering. Beastmaker sessions won’t be that intense, as I need to get  used to the Board first. If I feel like I put too much stress on my fingers I might do the regime in 8 or 9 rather than 7 days.

By the way, as I realised that there are quite a few non-climbers reading my blog. In order to avoid confusion: The Beastmaker is a really nice finger board, check out there website.

Little Sister

It’s time to recommend a song I recently found on my computer. I love the Genius in iTunes, the produced playlists are usually really good.

Well, check out Queens of the Stone Age — Little Sister; here is a live performance

Albarracin, Pictures Day 2

You might have noticed a lack of new posts. Well, this is not due to motivation, but there is nothing happening here really. I’m writing my diploma thesis which I’d really like to finish soon. It’s time to do something new.

Yesterday I had my first session on the beastmaker, and I realised that I’m a long way off being a beast. Hopefully the beastmaker does its job properly. I’ve started with repeaters for the 3 pairs of two fingers on the biggest holds. I couldn’t even hold my body weight with the back 2 and I can’t do a proper session repeaters on the front 2. But I will work on that, I will report how it goes.

Well, to offer at least something, I put up some more pictures of Albarracin. We spent the second day at Aeroline and Techo don Peppo. Good shots again I think.

Video Eclipse

Back in Augsburg, there is nothing to report. However, there is still some stuff to come from our holiday in Albarracin. Today, I upload a video of me doing a nice roof at Techos 2, called Eclipse (7b). Nizza took the footage using his mobile. Impressive quality for a mobile phone I’d say.

I just found out that I cannot upload video on the blog without paying. So I published it on youtube and link it. Upload on youtube is actually quite easy. If you’ve  already got a google account  you do not need to sign in.