The big move

Sorry for not posting any updates for so long, but our new internet provider (arcor …) takes its time to provide us with a connection. We are sill not online, but went home for the weekend as we are going on a holiday tomorrow. More on that later.
We started moving our stuff the day after I handed in. We rented a fairly big mercedes van and drove two times to our new home (each single drive took us 5 hours, heavy traffic!), the van fully loaded. Luckily a few mates were giving us a hand, otherwise the move would have taken us a week at least, but with their help we managed to move everything within three days. Thanks again for that!
The next couple of weeks we spent repainting the walls and furnishing our new home. We also reamade the garden, seeded radishes and carrots and planted a couple of berry bushes. I also followed a tradition and planted a tree for each one of my children. Usually you do that when they get born, but I couldn’t be bothered to plant a tree in Augsburg, as I knew we will move out there soon. For Jakob, I got an apple tree whereas for Felix I planted a plum tree.
By the way, while I bought these trees I lost my mobile in the shop. I noticed it 5 minutes later, but it has already been switched off and is probably stolen. I got really annoyed, as I found myself without any communication device. However, a week later this has been sorted. I bought a new mobile and my provider sended me a new card, which got a new PIN number on it as well. I forgot to change it right away, and the day before yesterday I switched it off. You probably guess what happended. I couldn’t remember the number and can’t use my mobile again. Unfortunately, the new PIN numbers are in our new home, whereas we are about 5 hours away and about to go on holiday tomorrow, meaning I will be without communication again for 3 more weeks.
Anyway, we all really enjoy our new home, wondering around in the garden, eating some cherries and berries and see Jakob and Felix playing in the sand or driving around with their little cars.
On those really warm days, we went to the nearby outdoor pools (we can chose from three within a 10 minute drive) or went to the playgrounds. One of them is situated right within the wood and follows a path of about 1.5 kilometers. Every 100 meters you have some station for the children, a swing, a tree trunk to balance on, some wooden muscial instruments, a hammock, and so on. Really nice.
I also rebuild my woodie, but wasn’t able to use it yet. I haven’t done any climbing for the last 4 weeks, which will continue through the following holiday. I plan to start again in August. I’m a bit annoyed due to this lack of training as I feel how I get weaker every day. But perhaps this break will give me the motivation you need for the next training cyle. Not sure about that, though.

I alredy adumbrated our plan to go on holiday. The plan is to drive to the North Sea tonight and staying there for a couple of days. We then plan to take a ferry to Norway and spend another two weeks there. We do not want to drive around much, but want to stay a few days at every nice place we can find. Perhaps I also manage to visit a bouldering area they propsed in the german climbing magazin ‘Klettern’ this month, as it is (by accident, of course…) on our route. I will write about it if we manage to fit in a visit.
My personal aim for this holiday is to give Jakob and Felix a good time. When we will be back I have to start with my job, which means that I will never ever have so much time for my children as I had over the last 3 1/2 years. But live goes on, at some point you simply have to earn your own money to survive.

I hope I will be able to get a few posts published over the next three weeks and report from our holiday.