Pfalz Bouldering

I think it’s time to come up with some news and pictures from the bouldering around here. I think I already mentioned that it’s a sandstone area, not a world-class spot, but definitely more than a local one.

I’ve already been to a couple of areas, but yesterday I had a superb session at one of the best spots, called Kalmit. It looks a bit like an Fontainebleau-spot, loads of boulders and good problems. There are not many really hard ones (> 8a), but a lot of 7ish problems. I managed to flash two 7bs and a 7a, and did another (hard) 7b called Zygomorphic. It’s a superb problem,  involving fairly little crimps and a lot of hooking and pressing. See two pictures of the problem  below.

I try to get some pictures of all my sessions in the future to motivate some of you to come over and visit me here 🙂


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