Ich berichte mal vom Wochenende. Wir waren Samstags Bouldern, wir heißt die ganze Familie. Es kamen dann noch viele andere Freunde vorbei und am Ende waren wir 4 Jungs, die den Boulder versucht haben, 4 Freundinnen bzw. Freundinnen von Freundinnen, 2 Kinder und 2 Hunde. Wir waren mal wieder am Mühlenberg, wo The Physicist noch eine kleine Scham zu beseitigen hatte (Mostly Harmless, 7a+, musste mal wieder getickt werden). Continue reading

Erfolgreiche Tage

2:1 nach Verlängerung war mein Tipp für das Pokalspiel FCK gegen Leverkusen gestern abend. Live im Stadion habe ich dann miterlebt, wie “der Betze brennt”, wie man so schön sagt. Am Betzenberg steht ja das FCK Stadion, und die Fußballbegeisterung in dieser Stadt ist schon beeindruckend. Ich war ja noch nicht bei soo vielen Fußballspielen im Stadion, aber das war definitiv die beste Stimmung die ich je erlebt hatte. Vielleicht kann dieses Video die Stimmung zumindest erahnen lassen Continue reading

An old project ticked

On the weekend, I managed to get two sessions in the Frankenjura. The plan was to get on two projects: “Cristallo” (7c) and “Dick und Doof” (7c+, trav). As “Cristallo” is pure maximum power, I decided to try it on Saturday. We were invited to a weeding ceremony in the afternoon, so I had to do an early start. By chance The Physicist was hanging around in the forest (working on his poor climbing performance 🙂 ) and he joined me for the warm-up. Continue reading

A few pictures

I decided to go for the EOS1000 camera and I am actually very happy with it. It’s not too big and makes good photos, at least in my opinion.
We’ve been to a playground on Saturyday and I took a couple of good shots from Lisl and the kids. I’ve been bouldering as well, but due to some nasty injury in back I wasn’t able to climb anything. That’s really annoying.
Some Pictures

A weekend trip to Font

th_IMG_0204From my new home it’s (only) a 4 1/2 hour drive to get to font. As I had a weekend on my own (Lisl and the kids went to grandpa) I asked a couple of mates to join me for a 2 day trip to font. We slept in tents on a free bivvy place and it felt like a real bouldering trip to me: sitting in front of the tent on a crashpad with a glass (well, cup) of wine, chatting about boulder problems and no children to look after.
Continue reading

Organise your Research Papers

I discovered a very useful tool to organise and share your research papers.


It is particulary useful if you work on different computers and want your papers to be available on each of them. It also offers

– online backup

– collections (like a playlist in iTunes)

– bibTex export (for LaTex users like me)

– pdf viewers which allows you to make notes and mark things

– many more features I haven’t discoverd yet

You might find it useful as well, I do definetly