Bouldern ‘Runder Hut’

Last weekend we had another day out bouldering at a spot called “Runder Hut”. We’ve been there a week ago and my performance was really bad, so this week it could only go better. On the way to the boulders you find one of those typically shaped rocks and I’m already looking forward to climbing in summer. For christmas I had the climbing guidebook, and skimming through the pages, the psyche for proper climbing came back.

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MOOORGEEEENNN komm ich hoffentlich endlich dazu, den geplanten Post zum Schiurlaub machen. Ich wollte ihn ja die Woche schon gemacht haben, komm aber nicht dazu. Heute abend kriegen wir Besuch und da werden wir wohl eher dem Wein zusagen. Aber, MOOORGEEEENNN ist fest geplant etwas ausführlicher zu schreiben! Bis DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANN

I’m back

At first, happy new year to all my readers.

I haven’t written a post for the last 3 weeks, but we are back home now and I will post regularly again. After my injury 3 weeks ago I had to work for a couple of days before we went home visiting our parents over christmas. Some grandparents and a lot of old friends were around as well, so we spend basically every day visiting or meeting people. It was good to see all those friends again and Lisl and I also managed to have a beer at the pub together, which wasn’t the case for 4 months or more.

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